Ohio Scottish Games

On June 22, 2012 at the Lorain County Fairgrounds, The Ohio Scottish Games hosted a harp competition for the 28th┬áyear.┬á This yearÔÇÖs judge was Jen Narkevicius.

Jen is currently serving as Vice President of the Scottish Harp Society of America and is also past President.  Karen Babb served as our Steward while Sue Richards and Seamus Gagne were Masters of Ceremonies for the day.  Tim Wallace provided sound equipment and recorded the event.  Following the conclusion of the competition and awards we held a free harp workshop led by Jen Narkevicius.  Special thanks to Calvin Woods (supplied sound shell and stage platform), Wendy McCormick (SHSA memberships and CD sales table) and special thanks to Gail Turner (set up on Friday before the games).  Dreama Powell and Scottish American Cultural Society of Ohio board members who help throughout the year.  There were 14 competitors this year.  Results of the competition:

Beginner: 1st place, Madeline Hiros, 2nd place, Alexis Dolfi,

Novice: 1st place, Julia Lerner, 2nd place, Cecelia Hiros
Apprentice: 1st place, Sarah Kolick

Journeyman: 1st place, Rachel Clemente, 2nd place, Kala Lutz, 3rd place, Laura Hiner

Master: 1st place, Tiffany Lingle, 2nd place, Steve Schack

Emerging Forms: 2nd place, Laura Hiner

Harp and Vocal: 1st place, Carol Kappus, 2nd place, Tiffany Lingle, 3rd place, Steve Schack


Dr Andrew Turner trophy for Harper of the Day given by Mrs. Edna Turner and presented by her daughter, Gail Turner: Alexis Dolfi

Mary Young trophy for Most Promising Beginner: Madeline Hiros

Bard’s Cup given and presented by Linda Phillips: Carol Kappus

Clan Lamont Scholarship to the Ohio Scottish Arts School 2013: Rachel Clemente (Alternate: Kala Lutz)

Ohio Scottish Games Scholarship to Ohio Scottish Arts School 2013: Julia Lerner (Alternate: Alexis Dolfi)


Games information: http://www.ohioscottishgames.com/