November is election time!

November is election season and this year’s election includes a SHSA slate.  Our slate this year includes President, and three Board members.  In a slate election you vote for or against the slate.  All members are eligible to vote and you will receive your ballot via email shortly.  Below are the statements of intent to serve from the candidates.  Results will be announced in December and the installation will be in January.  Voting will be open for two weeks – don’t miss it!


Jen Narkevicius – SHSA has done so much growing in recent years and I look forward to being part of that continued development and maturation as an organization.  Our website is getting better every day, the Kilt and Harp is, as always, a wonderful means of communication both within and outside our organization.  As we move forward, we will build new relationships, continue to grow, and build our outreach.  If elected I look forward to continuing to serve SHSA as President.

MEMBER OF THE BOARD (Select three):

Jon Lilley – I grew up in a Scottish/English household where all aspects of British life were part of my rearing from a young age.  I started studying the Great Highland Bagpipes my senior year of high school and joined the Macallum Highlanders based in Akron OH.  Dreama Powell was also a piper in that band at this time, so our acquaintance goes back a while.  I started attending OSAS in 2004 studying the pipes and with only a couple of breaks, continue to enjoy it every year.  It’s an international cultural education without having to get on any airplane.  I changed my course of study to the Scottish Harp three years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of that as well.  I’ve seen many members of SHSA in action working their magic at the Ohio Games and OSAS over the years and would like to be able to give them a helping hand.  I know it’s not easy and things certainly don’t happen by themselves so if deemed worthy, I’d be honored to join the ranks and serve.

Donna Bennett – Thank you for the chance to be considered for the Board of Directors of SHSA.  As a member for approximately 8 years, I have greatly enjoyed the opportunities that I have had participating in competitions and workshops sponsored by SHSA.  As the 2016 recipient of the Travel Scholarship, I welcome the opportunity to give back to this wonderful organization and help to further the knowledge and enjoyment of Scottish music for its members and the community at large.

Tiffany Shaeffer – Having been a member involved in SHSA competitions the last several years, I would like to join the board and do what I can to serve this organization.