Evelyn’s travel blog


Saturday started off with some computer problems. I was trying to get online to update the blog, and the trackpad on my computer wasn’t working! I thought I would have to find a mouse that I could borrow, and started asking around. I didn’t even try restarting the computer until later in the afternoon, and of course that fixed the problem instantly. Having these problems while traveling is a lot more stressful than at home, so I’m really glad it’s working again.

It was a cold day, and a little bit rainy like the day before. It was cloudy and the rain was turning to sleet at times, and even snow in the evening. Despite this, I took a walk into Colinton, which is not very far at all. It’s a nice little village. I needed to use the ATM, but that was a good excuse to go for a walk.

Later in the morning, I got a practice room to really try to get used to the harp I’m using, and to catch up on the finger strength that’s lost in just a few days without practicing. It’s good to be playing again. Then I went and looked at the harp exhibition. The selection of harps is very different than what one might see at home. There are so many different types of levers! I didn’t book a workshop for that morning, planning on taking the extra time to settle in.

There was an afternoon concert, and after that I had my course. In just an hour and a half I learned so much. At the end of this course I’m sure I’ll have enough ideas and new goals to last months. I’ve been taking notes so that I can remember to revisit these ideas when I get home and have some more time to explore them.

After that was dinner, the concert, and the session. I’m meeting a lot of people from many different places.


Yesterday was Easter! It was a really beautiful day, not too chilly and there was some sun. In the morning I practiced, and worked on a piece I’m writing. It was relaxing. I went to a workshop and then had lunch. I made some new friends at lunch. Then I had a little break and there was an afternoon concert.

In my course we did some improvisation and talked about having “conversations” with each other in our music. We did a really fun exercise that involved saying a phrase out loud and responding to each other within a measure. Then we did the same thing with musical phrases.

After that was dinner, the concert, and the session. I am starting to fall into a routine, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.