Evelyn’s travel blog


On Friday we started the day with a delicious breakfast at the place we were staying. I had finally had a good night’s sleep, and was ready to do something fun. The owner gave us some advice, as we were undecided about what to do that day. He said we should go to Oban, and I’m glad we did!

It was a cloudy day that started off not too cold, but became quite chilly later on after a rain shower. The snow on the ground seemed to have melted a little bit, but it was still adorning many of the mountains. We had a little bit of a drive, but it was scenic and followed along a loch or other body of water for much of the way.

When we got there, we went up a hill to see a colosseum-like monument that immediately caught my eye, and to see a view of the town. It was a beautiful little seaport village, with large and brightly colored boats. It was a very serene place that day.

I wandered off from my companions and walked along the beach. It was a really nice moment. We then met up and got hot chocolate, and I was adventurous and tried a kind that was spicy. We did some window shopping and poked our heads into a military museum that had some local history.

Then we went on a tour at the distillery. It was really cool to learn how whisky is made, and some of the local history of how the town of Oban came to be. It was very fun and I learned a lot.

After the tour it started to rain, so we got something to eat. It was sort of an early dinner, but we had such a big breakfast that it was also sort of lunch. We had seafood, and I ordered a seafood pie that had shrimp, mussels, and squid. It was cozy to be indoors eating while it rained outside.

After our meal, we went back out. It had stopped raining but had gotten very cold and windy, so we headed back to the rental car. On the way back we stopped at the top of a hill for another view, and again to look at a castle which was out on the water.