Evelyn’s travel blog 3/28/18

I arrived in Edinburgh this morning, and spent the day recovering from the flight and adjusting to being here.  I got a little bit lost this morning trying to go on the bus to my bed and breakfast, and ended up realizing I didn’t have the exact change needed to board the bus after transferring!  My solution was to use my phone to get an Uber, which worked just the same as back at home.  What a relief.

After I finally arrived at my room, I took a nap to shake off some of the jet lag and general exhaustion from an overnight flight.  Then I went for a walk and relaxed in my room some more before going out to dinner at a tavern nearby.  It was a short walk to get there.  The place where I’m staying is very close to where the harp festival will be, and tomorrow I’ll be relocating to the school where it is held, since that is the first night that rooms are available there.  The first concert at the festival will be on Friday night, and courses don’t start until Saturday, so I still have some time to make it into Edinburgh and see some sights.

I took it easy today because I know that for me, doing anything after not sleeping is a bad idea. I wish I could have done more today, but I think tomorrow I’ll feel more awake and adjusted so it will be a lot easier and more worthwhile to go into the city then.