Church Hill Irish Festival

Event:    Church Hill Irish Festival
Where:¬† St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, ¬†215 North 25th Street, Richmond, VA 23223
When:    March 23-24, 2013
Competition:¬† March 23 (morning —don’t have set time as yet), Pan-Celtic
Possible Harp Ensemble Concert:   March 24, afternoon
Judge:  Jen  Narkevicius
Family friendly, the Church Hill Irish Festival is an annual two day street event. There are pipe and drum bands, dancers, other entertainment bands, vendors, children’s¬†area and events, and lots of food and drink. No pets, please. There is a small entrance fee for non-participants.
The harp competition will be held inside historic St. Patrick’s Church. After the competition, there will be either a harp workshop by the judge or a concert.
 If enough participants would like to play a short ensemble concert either later on Saturday or possible on Sunday please contact Beth Dechent. The music list for the ensemble will be sent to participants. Soloists are also welcome!
Competition Coordinator: Elizabeth (Beth) Dechent
Phone: 804-615-5811
address: 2510 Pine Grove Drive
              Henrico,VA 23294