Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1.              How can I find a competition near me?

Click on the Competition link for SHSA-sanctioned competitions. Competitions are also listed in each issue of the Kilt & Harp and on the members’ web forum.

2.              I would like to organize a competition at my regional Scottish Games. Do you have guidelines or a kit to help me do that?

Yes, we have information that we can send electronically. Please contact the Competition Director.

3.              Does SHSA have a list of recommended teachers?

SHSA does not endorse specific teachers. However, if you click on the Teachers link on our website, you will find a list of some members available to teach.

4.              Where can I get Scottish harp music?

Please click on the Resource link and look under nylon/gut or wire harp resources.

5.              How can I learn about Scottish styles of harp playing?

The best way to learn Scottish style is to listen, listen, listen!!! There is a list of reference materials on our Resources link.

6.              Does SHSA have scholarships for Scottish harp study?

Yes!  SHSA sponsors an annual scholarship to help pay for study in Scotland. Please see the Scholarship Information on the Competition page.

7.              I want to compete, but I don’t know my level. How can I decide the appropriate level?

Look at the rules, consult with you teacher, and if you still have questions contact the Competition Chair.