Who is the Scottish Harp Society of America?

The Scottish Harp Society of America, Inc. (SHSA) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the Scottish harp, the clarsach, and its music both ancient and modern. Members of the Society include musicians, harp makers, and people who simply enjoy listening to the Scottish harp. Membership in the Scottish Harp Society of America is open to all.

SHSA was conceived in 1980 when Dr. Herbert MacNeal, the founder of the Scottish Clan Society of America met Christina Tourin. Dr. McNeal heard Christina playing an Irish program in N.Y.C. After the concert he asked her, “Did you know the Harp was just as much a part of Scottish culture as in Ireland?” She replied, “Yes” and he said, “Well, what are you going to do about it!?” A year later Christina and 2 other people established the Scottish Harp Society of America.

Through the year, the Society sponsors performances, presentations, workshops and classes, competitions, and gatherings. The Society is the sanctioning body for qualifying Scottish harp competitions. The U.S. National Scottish Harp Competition is held annually and includes the award of the prestigious Herbert P. MacNeal Award.  The SHSA Scholarship is also awarded to a strong and promising competitor to facilitate study with reknowned Scottish harp players.

The Kilt & Harp is the quarterly journal of the Scottish Harp Society of America, Inc. K&H represents all voices of the society and includes member news, articles on history, theory, harp care, product reviews, Scottish music and culture, and more. There are regular features, including interviews, artwork and traditional stories and poems.  Every issue also includes at least two tunes, arranged specifically for the harp or clàrsach. Often these arrangements are from master harper recording artists who are members of our Society.

SHSA can be reached at PO Box 791, Alexandria, VA 22315 or liaison@shsa.org

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