Richmond Highland Games (Virginia)

Brian Wood

Richmond Highland Games (Virginia) – harp competition will be held at this event, 26 – 27 October. Check back later for more information,

Stone Mountain Highland Games (Atlanta, GA)

Brian Wood

Stone Mountain Highland Games (Atlanta, GA) – harp competition will be held at the 47th Annual Stone Mountain Highland Games, October 18 – 20, 2019. For more information,

Scotland Highland Games (Scotland, CT)

Brian Wood

Scotland Highland Games (Scotland, CT) – harp competition will be held at the 32nd Annual Highland Games Sunday, October 13th 2019. Sponsored by Clan Currie Society. For more information,

Scotland County Highland Games

Brian Wood

Scotland County Highland Games (Laurinburg, NC) – the Clan Currie Society will sponsor a culture tent with ongoing harp events but no competition. Come out and play to support the event. More information at or from coordinator Allison McLean at

Ligonier Highland Games

Brian Wood

Ligonier Highland Games – the Harp Competition will be held at the 61st Ligonier Highland Games will be held Saturday, September 14th, 2019. Judge TBA. More information available at:

US National Scottish Harp Championship(tm)

Brian Wood

Ohio Scottish Games – is hosting the US National Scottish Harp ChampionshipTM June 22 , 2019. Sue Richards, Distinguished Judge, Jen Narkevicius, Judge. More information available at: Plan to compete and stay for the Ohio Scottish Arts School ( Travel Scholarship applications due not later than 11:59 pm, 23 May, 2019.


Brian Wood

Presented by the Greenville Scottish Games at Furman University (South Carolina) Saturday, May 25th, 2019. This is not a competition but will host an inaugural Harp presence. For more informiaotn on the games, go to the website: If you’d like more information on the harp event, contact

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

Brian Wood

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games – The harp competition at Grandfather Mountain will be part of the 64th Annual Grandfather Mountain Highland Games, to be held July 11-14, 2019 at MacRae Meadows on Grandfather Mountain near Linville, NC. Judge TBA. Harp information will be available at

Scottish+Welsh Day – Fredericksburg, VA

Brian Wood

Sharon Knowles is judging. Coordinator Marilyn hopes you are getting yourself ready for a fun day! And she strongly encourages you to come, even if you choose not to compete because there will be an afternoon workshop/harp circle and harp petting zoo. This event is growing and includes The Virginia Harp Center sponsoring the Awards Certificates for *Youth Harpist of …

Fall/Winter 2018

Letter from the Editor…… 3 Letter from the President 4 Edinboro Highland Games (National) Report………. 5 2018 National Scottish Harp Champion ……. 7 EP review: A Quiet Uniqueness …. pg. 1 0 Tune: Starlight …. pg. 1 1 Ohio Scottish Games report….pg. 1 3 Ligonier Highland Games report….pg. 1 4 Scotland County Highland Games report …. pg. 1 5 Scotland …

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