The Scottish Harp Society of America (SHSA) awards a travel scholarship to the Journeyman or Master whose performance and scholarship application are judged to show achievement and serious interest in the study of Scottish harp.

This scholarship is to be used toward a study trip to Scotland or to a recognized Scottish harp course in the United States or Canada. The scholarship must be executed within 18 months of award. If the first place winner is unable to make use of the scholarship, it will be awarded to the runner-up. The scholarship may not be awarded to an individual more than once. The scholarship recipient will be required to submit an article and publish a harp arrangement in the Kilt & Harp.

Competitors wishing to compete for the scholarship must submit the information described below.

Cover Letter

Please include the following information.

Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Home phone, Cell phone, E-mail Address, Skill level (Journeyman/Master).  Include the following statement with the Applicant’s Signature and date, “I understand that if I win, I will be required to submit an article and publish a harp arrangement in the Kilt & Harp as well as publishing blog entries while on my study trip.”

Written Essay

Please include the following information. You are welcome to use as many pages as you would like.

  • Description of your harp(s) and who made it/them
  • Your teacher’s name(s) and how long you have studied with them, and what schools you have attended
  • Listing of your concerts, performances and awards
  • Description of your singing and/or other instruments played
  • List your goals as a harper playing Scottish music
  • A short paragraph on your proposed use of the scholarship


Please return completed essay by e-mail at least 4 weeks prior to the national competition to the Competition Chair